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Inside the DMT Testing Process: A Step-by-Step Explanation

The Michigan Breath Alcohol Testing Scandal: What Really Happened?

The Misleading Presentation of DWI Test Results: A Call for Better Science

A Win for the Observation Period in Breath Testing

Uncovering the Flaws in Breath Alcohol Testing with Dr. Dennis Simpson

Mastering Data Point Analysis from the DataMaster DMT

Diving Into Forensic Metrology with Ted Vosk

Another Win for Science

Are Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) Scientific?

Two Victories for Science

Captivity in Forensic Science: Breaking Free from Law Enforcement with Max Houck

Can All Healthy Adults Use a Breath Alcohol Analyzer?

Finding Flaws in the Intoxilyzer Source Code with Charles Ramsay

Adjusting for Bias in Alcohol Measurements

A Case of the Inability to Provide a Sample—A Win for Science

Hands On DMT & PBT Training Coming Soon...

Implied Consent Should Include Informed Consent

Is It Worth Hiring An Expert Analyze Your Case?

The Importance of Barometric Pressure on Calibrating Breath Alcohol Analyzers

The Necessity of the Pretest Observation Period in Breath Alcohol Testing

Interfering Substances Can Push Driver's Breath Alcohol Over The Legal Limit

Applying Uncertainty in the Widmark Equation

The Need for Intelligent Sampling in Breath Alcohol

The Evolution of Breath Alcohol Testing with Thomas Burr

DMT Software Updates

The Treatment of Bias in Alcohol Testing. A Question for A.W. Jones

Confidence Intervals and Uncertainty in Alcohol Testing

The Latest News in Breath Alcohol Testing

Interfering Substances and the DMT Part II

Interfering Substances and the DMT Part I

Uncertainty in Breath Alcohol Testing

The 0.02 Agreement Criteria in Breath Alcohol Needs to be Reconsidered

The Influence of Breath Temperature on Breath Alcohol Concentration

The DataMaster DMT Inside and Out with Charles Rathburn

The Importance of Quality Assurance In Alcohol Testing with Matthew Malhiot

The Relevance of Source Code in Breath Alcohol Testing

Vermont Toxicologist Darcy Richardson Blows Whistle on Breath Alcohol Lab


How Should Breath Alcohol Measurements Be Reported? An Interview with A.W. Jones

The Convergence of Law & Science with Glenn Hardin

A New Paradigm for Breath Alcohol Testing with Dr. Joseph Anderson

Forensic Metrology with Dr. Alessandro Ferrero and Dr. Veronica Scotti

The Sampling Problem (and Solution) in Breath Alcohol Testing

The Problem of Mouth Alcohol in Breath Alcohol Testing

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