We hired Aaron to give a half-day seminar about the Intoximeter DMT and the application of breath alcohol testing science associated with the device.  His presentation was informative and engaging. I particularly appreciated his knowledge about how breath-testing  science can be used in defending DUI/DWI cases. I highly recommend attending a training session with Aaron. His expertise and insight will undoubtedly benefit your practice. - Phillip Price

Aaron’s prep work on the case was essential to our win. He educated me about quality assurance measures needed for a valid breath test. And his report shed light on the problems with the test. The IC judge threw out the license revocation on a directed verdict! Thanks, Aaron! - Brent Schafer

My client was suffering from severe acid reflux. He was doubled over in pain from the reflux during the breath alcohol test, and the officer gave him a breath test anyway. Aaron analyzed the case, and the prosecutor ended up dumping it. - Zach Graham

Aaron’s work was invaluable. The prosecutor offered my client a deal based on his work. Aaron pointed out the observation period wasn’t appropriately conducted and showed that there were questions about our client’s state of alcohol absorption. - Barry Edwards

Our client was 64 years old and couldn't provide a valid breath into the breath machine. We hired Aaron to analyze the data. He showed that our client was indeed making a good-faith effort to provide a sample. The judge rescinded the license revocation. - Charles Ramsay

Aaron's help was invaluable to our client. Due to his expertise, we avoided a hearing and negotiated a shorter revocation period with the Attorney General's office — something the Attorney General rarely does. Our client went from a 365-day license revocation to 45 days. - Cecelia Burke

A few months before my client was allowed to get rid of his ignition interlock, he got a false positive. The result didn’t make any sense. Aaron analyzed the data and wrote a report explaining what caused the false positive. Instead of having to restart the ignition interlock period, the AG made us a deal. I highly recommend working with Aaron. - Adam Justinger

Aaron testified, and the jury soon returned: Not Guilty on all counts. Hiring Aaron was essential to winning our case. He wrote a thorough report and is a credible expert who can withstand cross-examination. He explained the problems with mouth alcohol, measurement uncertainty, and interfering substances. He communicated complex scientific facts in a way the jurors could understand. He was excellent on the stand. I won’t hesitate to hire him again. - Jacob Birkholz

Aaron's analysis of my client's breath test records gave us leverage with the prosecutor, and as a result, we got a significantly better outcome in this case.  I highly recommend working with Aaron; he is a straight shooter and can cut through the often confusing area of breath alcohol science. - Rodd Tschida